The Best Baby Mattresses in Singapore

As the baby grows, the requirement of a baby mattress also changes. Once the essential crib seems useless for toddlers and a need to have a baby mattress becomes necessary. The ultimate necessity for the baby mattress is comfort and space for a child. There are some types and make of the baby mattresses available in Singapore which have been designed keeping in view the specific requirements of the parents and baby. Since babies are tiny and their bodies are soft, and they need good sleep. It is only possible with a good and comfortable mattress.

  1. The Moonlight Slumber Crib Mattress:

The size of the mattress is dynamic and grows as the baby grows. The bed has a unique dual sleep system that allows comfortable sleep. For the initial stage of infants, the mattress makers have used unique high-density material, which is well suited for the skin of infants. You can wipe away all types of stains from the bed by cleaning them with a damp cloth. There is no frame retardant used in the bed. For durability, the bed comes with double stretch knitting fabric. The mattress is also said to be waterproof, which is an essential feature of a baby mattress. Some of the unique features of the bed are:

  • It has safely sewn seams, meant for doing away with bed bugs and dust mites
  • The mattress has been designed for both toddlers and infants due to its double-sided feature
  • The mattress is resistant to flame, is waterproof and hypoallergenic
  • The Nook Crib Mattress:

This is called one in all crib mattress which need not have a separate cover of a pad to cover the bed. The design of the bed is very light, like a feather that makes breathing easy. The baby sleeps comfortably due to this unique feature. For ensuring a safe and clean bed, it is built with zinc guards that act as resistance against any external germs. The central part of the mattress are:

  • The mattress is designed for both toddlers and infants and come with a dual-sided sleep pattern system.
  • There is no chemical or toxin material in the mattress which means the baby sleep in a safe environment.
  • The mattress is not only waterproof; it is also resistant to flame. The bed can easily be washed in the machine without any hassle.
  • The Colgate Dual Firmness Mattress:

This is yet another mattress for toddler beds and crib and comes in standard size. The flip feature of the mattress makes it a unique design that grows along with the child. Manufacturers make sure the mattress meets all the safety requirements. It is made with essential and long-lasting plant oils. It is also said to be flame resistant. The unique features of the mattress are:

  • The mattress is double-sided and is used for both toddlers and infants
  • The cover of the bed is pure organic in nature and is certified
  • It is also free of any harsh chemicals

The babies are tiny, and they require 10-12 hours of comfortable sleep. The mattress for babies is designed keeping in mind all the safety and comfort of both parents and child. If you plan to buy one bed for the baby, do your survey and then decide.