Kickstarter travel backpacks and bags

How to Use Kickstarter as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Kickstarter travel backpacks and bags

Kickstarter is often seen as a platform to seek funding for your business venture, especially when every other source fails to yield the capital you need. However, this platform offers much more than financing. It can also be an avenue for marketing your products. If you use Kickstarter Singapore store efficiently, you’ll discover you can do so much with it, in a bid to see your business grow. 

Your backers will be your first clients.

Depending on what you offer those who back your campaign, most Kickstarter backers pick products that they like and are likely to buy. Most Kickstarter campaigns offer those who back them the products they intend to produce, while some go as far as offering shares in the company. 

If this is your first business venture, Kickstarter Singapore is exposing you to the different marketing strategies you can use to increase visibility to your product. Offering incentives or discount s is a common practice in every business. 

Unfortunately, many startups cannot afford to offer the same privileges that established businesses can. However, this platform allows you to interact with your target market and even see ways to make the product more appealing without losing some of the profit. 

Your backers will also be a source of review for your product. Since they are your first buyers, they will give you their honest opinion. Many understand that this is probably your first production and can easily improve the quality of the product. For example, if your campaign is of travel backpacks, you may get feedback on some of the features and how to make them more useful. 

Kickstarter campaign rules work for every other marketing structure.

Kickstarter encourages campaigns to have specific features that will attract potential backers. For example, use a short video to talk about the campaign, focus on one product, use high definition images, and give a short description of the product. A good example of such an online store can be found here. This is true for all marketing campaigns, whether it is on online platforms or mainstream media. 

You can follow the campaign structure when creating leaflets to hand out in your locality or on your website. If the steps you took worked for your Kickstarter campaign, then you are likely to see the same level of success elsewhere if you follow the same structure. 

Introduce referral benefits to your Kickstarter clients

In 2019, more than 5.6million people had backed more than one of the 461,000 projects launched on Kickstarter. The platform has increasingly become popular in many countries, including Singapore. 

You can use the large following not just to raise funds, but to market your products as well. Instead of just linking the product to funding, you can also use the large consumer base to attract more people through referrals. If your backers are likely to benefit from it, they will market your backpacks to others who are not on the platform but would be interested in buying the product. 

Singapore also has the benefit of various stores exclusively selling Kickstarter products. The Novus Lab is one of the stores dedicated to supporting the sale of innovations on Kickstarter. You can seek the support of such stores to market your product.