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So I have the G1 with Android. I know the new phone (my touch) came out but I decided to wait since they recently announced about 15-20 new android devices in the next year. Being with T-mobile and having 3 lines just for the sake of upgrades is nice as well, but somehow I managed to make all 3 lines expire in February. So much for the staggered upgrade strategy, I guess I’ll just have to stagger them after February, good thing it’s my birthday 

But I digress…

I have a Google voice account and Google Inc. just released  hreftheir version of the Google voice application in the market. It was immediately hit with bad comments due to its methodology, too bad that people don’t bother to read instructions. This is an awesome integration of Google voice directly into the OS. All you have to do is add the Google voice toggle icon onto your home screen. Then you can instantly switch between your actual phone number and the Google voice number, and unlike the other app in the market called  href it uses all the same dialer and contacts to do stuff.When you make a phone call with Google’s app it actually shows a little Google voice icon on the bottom of the screen, very cool.

There are a few missing features in Google’s application, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a simple upgrade. The main thing is that you can’t select do not disturb through their app, but you can always use both!

Now all i need is the ability to add multiple numbers to google voice. It would be nice to have a number for the east coast, west coast and a international number say in London wouldnt be to shabby either.You can  href