When you are first launching your business you have all the time in the world to experiment. Every day is an experiment and trying new things is a way you can gain ground and get ahead. If and when you start to gain traction your decision to experiment should come under more scrutiny. Your business is not just some cash machine, well it is, but it’s more than that. It is a direct releation of you and the type of person you are. Once you have begun to generate revenue, you need to protect the businesses image, and since you are connected to it; your image as well.

Now that you’re generating some revenue

Like I said above, the minute you start generating revenue and/or have some sort of following, things change. Don’t give in right away… Say you are approached with an opportunity to do something, the payoff is little or none but you are so excited to have an opportunity that you jump on it. We have all done it, but I encourage you to really think about your options in these situations.

  1. Think how this may effect your image?
  2. Is it something you would feel comfortable talking about to friends and family?
  3. Are you compromising your ethics for a buck?

All these are questions you should think about as you grow and continue to experiment. Be strong and have the balls to experiment, but always do your due diligence first. Patience.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.